In order to accommodate our growing community, planned expansion of our upper school is underway.

2018-2019 Goals

  • Upper School Expansion

Future Buildings:

Stage 1: Offices, event room, 3 classrooms. Completed 2016. Done!

Stage 2: Upper School Expansion. Goal 2018-2019 completion.

Stage 3: Maker Space, Nature Center, Artisan Pods, Media Room. Date TBD.

Stage 4: Addition of classroom pod. Date TBD.

Fencing, walkways, landscaping and outdoor shade structures will signal the completion of the whole school project.


Initiatives & partnerships

As part of providing a unique and relevant environment to our students, it is always our goal to build partnerships with the wider community. Some of the initiatives we are exploring ourselves as well as with partnering with other individuals and businesses, include:

  • In 2018-2019 we have partnered with PenPal Schools in which our students will have the opportunity to work with other students from around the world. We are very excited to be part of this growing initiative.

  • Working towards transitioning upper school into learning centers. What does this mean? A learning center offers a more individual approach to teaching, whereby students may be working on different course topics and even different courses. This will allow us to offer more options in terms of course offerings.

  • Leadership in student entrepreneurship and to that end not only do we hone student business, leadership and communication skills in class, but we will be working with community leaders and businesses in providing knowledge as well as internship opportunities for our students.

  • Implementation of thoughtful and relevant technology that aids student learning.

  • On site artesans to provide demonstrations and hands on learning to engage students and develop creative and practical skill sets. This may include painters, textile applicators, sculptural works, cooking, and a whole array of possibilities.

  • Development of a maker space in which students will have the opportunity to explore, construct, and invent in the realm of robotics, technology, woodwork, leatherwork, solar/wind projects and other sustainable ingenuity projects, or just plain create!

  • Development of a nature center and the incorporation of sustainable gardens to support our eco-culture. Our goal is to teach students responsible citizenship of their surroundings. These teachers currently are infused within our curriculum, however we plan to expand more fully.


Should you wish to partner with our school please contact Anji Price,




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