I and the Cunae community welcome you to our site.

I know that finding a suitable school for your child’s needs can be filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Facing growing pressures from increased competition, globalisation, and the explosion of the information age; parents, students, and educators alike have become overwhelmed.  The rapid pace, breadth, and depth of academic knowledge that is seemingly a requisite for future success is staggering, often leading to academic over-achievement, stress, and depression in students.  In today’s climate I see children, as young as six, distressed and closed to learning. Yet true academic rigour and success can be achieved through developmentally appropriate and measured instruction, coupled with providing a socially healthy and comfortable environment. Essential to a successful education, focus must be placed on the individual child in terms of their academic advancement and personal development. At Cunae we recognise the different needs and abilities of each child and our goal is to provide them with an environment and curriculum that gives each the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop their individual academic acuity. This approach also aides personal and social development; promoting confidence, self-awareness and self-reflection, and maturity. A symbiotic relationship exists between a child’s emotional, social and academic advancement; all of which when in sync, maximises positive outcomes for them and the people they interact with.

And whilst academics is the crux of what parents are looking for, and what our service is designed to deliver, what equally matters in developing good and well-equipped human beings is a focus on creating an environment that encourages integrity, determination, empathy, resourcefulness, connectedness, passion, creativity, adaptability, respect, confidence, kindness and a thirst for knowledge - and that is what we hope is part of the students journey here at Cunae.

It has become my personal goal, and that of my staff, to create a unique educational experience for your child; one which will be valuable and enduring over their lifetime. We do this through providing many opportunities for children to engage in activities that peak their curiosity and motivate their intrinsic love of learning; in part, through collaborating with them with respect to aspects of curriculum content and assessments. When children have a vested interest in their education they are typically more driven to succeed on their terms. Thus we value your child's input as we move through their educational path.

We have a unique perspective on education and some great programmes and approaches to education, so please take a little time to explore our site and see why we are all smiles!

Mrs. Anji Price - Director