educational highlights

The following highlights the Cunae model in a nutshell. We offer:

  • More than the latest catch phrases of STEM and STEAM, we ensure a comprehensive programme that gives equal focus to science, mathematics, communication, engineering, literature, languages, humanities, arts, business, and health. But moreover than a comprehensive programme, we aim to provide an education that amounts to helping students find their potential for SUCCESS through the development of CONFIDENCE, CURIOSITY, COMMUNICATIONS AND CRITICAL THINKING and GRIT!

  • A safe and supportive environment in which staff are wired and dedicated to 'knowing' your child, understanding them, and providing coaching, tools and strategies to facilitate a healthy personal growth, and a memorable and successful educational, journey.

  • A challenging and relevant inquiry based curriculum (International Baccalaureate) that through exploration, analysis, problem-solving and expression, fosters their curiosity, creativity and reflection whilst rigorously developing their critical thinking capacity, and individual meaningful academic growth.

  • A unique environment where students experience open Socratic dialogue with teachers and peers, sharing their voice and opinions.

  • Practical hands-on applications to support academics, in addition to honing non-academic, but rather, life-skills.

  • Differentiated instruction and personalised learning plans to meet the needs of each individual child.

  • Opportunities for generous outdoor play and activities, supporting both personal and academic growth.

  • A holistic approach to assessment, utilising a variety of assessment tools rather than relying on a standardised test.

  • A commitment to the development of languages. We are the only dual French/Spanish immersion language programme for early learners in the community; and all students are obligated to undertake and graduate with at least one language.

  • An environment geared towards developing citizens of the world through entrepreneurship, ingenuity, sustainable citizenship, and cultural understanding.

  • The prestigious collegiate level International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which provides both opportunities and advantages to all students whether they are pursuing college or alternate life paths.