Homeschool Option

Cunae offers a select few homeschooled high school aged children the opportunity to undertake IB Certificates. You can choose 1, or more, International Baccalaureate Diploma subjects. The benefit of adding IB subjects to your graduation plan include:

  • Adds to your graduation portfolio.
  • Demonstrates your ability to take on difficult classes.
  • May provide an opportunity for credits in college.
  • Allows you to pursue, and succeed, in a subject where you may need a little extra teacher help as opposed to working on your own.
  • Allows you to meet other students in a classroom setting.


  • IB Certificates require a two year commitment. 
  • You must be available to work within the Cunae weekly schedule.
  • Some accommodations may be met.
  • Please check with Cunae as to subject offerings as they change based upon interest.
  • Prices noted on tuition page.

For more information please send an email to