Core Values

Our core values together are geared towards building individual character and skill sets as well as ethical citizenship in our students.

Cunae has been designed to:

  • Be an incubator for innovation and social impact through the sharing of ideas, exploration and taking action.
  • Provide a pathway that drives innovation, confidence, resilience and creativity.
  • Foster creating transformative change agents who make an impact on their world.
  • Foster the education of the next generation of students through a culture of mentorship, personal development, mutual respect, and community involvement.

To this end, the core values support that imitative, providing the foundation for our environment and curriculum.

The core values are (as seen in photos above):

  • Eco Culture: We foster students’ awareness and respect for the natural environment, and promote responsible citizenship.
  • Entrepreneurship: We develop students’ essential skills to promote personal development, leadership, self-confidence, and the capacity to respond to the changing world.
  • Ingenuity: We foster in our students the value of creativity, experimentation, problem solving, and thinking outside the box.
  • Internationalism: We equip students for a global society and economy through developing their understanding, appreciation, and tolerance of other cultures and ways of life; and ensuring diverse perspectives are valued.