Cunae International School is a small, progressive, boutique private school, liberated from conformity, and set within six picturesque acres on the edge of The Woodlands. Nestled within the boundaries of a certified wildlife habitat, you will find a school community where integrity and best practices have ensured a high level of dedication and commitment to students and families. We are a next generation school - a model for how students drive their own learning to be successful; through providing high impact teaching whereby students' individual needs are supported; deeper learning is facilitated, and the development of cognitive skills and habits of success are encouraged in our students.

Here, parents can be confident that their children are receiving a quality education in a welcoming, supportive, and compassionate environment, and that our internationally infused academic program is also teaching them to be responsible and active citizens. We have found that students learn best, and feel competent, when they are engaged in content that is relevant, dynamic, developmentally appropriate and meaningful to them. Our programs strive to meet these needs through continually sourcing many national and international educational standards, including those of Finland, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States. We present our curriculum in both a personal and global context, to help students develop a greater understanding of themselves and their connection to the world. In addition to offering the International Baccalaureate Programme, a world renowned academic programme, we provide students with the opportunity to develop practical skills, giving them a definite advantage in life. The foundation supporting the development of these skill sets are deeply rooted in our core values and learning environment.

The school emerged in 2006, with 5 students, to support a need for an adaptable and all encompassing education reflective of the world in which we live. We recognised that children are unique in their backgrounds, skills, interests and experiences; advance at different rates; and possess varied learning styles. These distinct differences, seen in our own student population, underscored the necessity of a flexible educational approach so that each child has the opportunity to succeed. We, at Cunae, adhere to this approach, individualising and modifying the curriculum and environment, where possible, to meet the specific needs of each student.

Our population continues to grow as a direct response to a community desire to have a school that truly ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ their child/ren, providing an excellent opportunity for both academic attainment and personal growth. With community support, it is anticipated that Cunae will grow to accommodate approximately 200 students on the current campus.



In a complex and ever-changing world, education is vital to individual student success.  At Cunae International School, through local and international collaborative efforts, we strive to implement educational best practices, creating an adaptive environment to benefit every student.  By way of inspiration, enrichment and support, we foster the holistic development of each student; providing them an opportunity to reach their full potential, and develop the skills and knowledge needed for a global mind of the future.



The school crest portrays the foundation of our environment.

  • Cunae , Latin for ‘a nest for small birds’, represents the safe environment of our school.

  • Foveo, to nurture, represents the teacher who guides and supports the student.

  • Percipio, to learn, represents the student who is willing to be guided and take in knowledge.

  • Peragro, to travel through, represents the global student who is open to learning experiences from the wider community.

  • Amicitia, friendship, represents the social aspect of our environment whereby students build healthy relationships with their peers and teachers