9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


early learning center (preK-kindergarten)

Cunae’s early learning center offers a stimulating and safe environment, providing a smooth transition for your child from home to a group setting. By working closely with families, we aim to expand your child’s world to include the school community. This model allows us to fulfill your child’s social, emotional and educational needs, through a healthy and collaborative parent-teacher relationship. The Reggio Emilia educational approach, recognised as the world’s best practice in early childhood education, provides the foundation for the environment and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme provides the framework for the curriculum.

Our programme is an inquiry driven, play-based program designed with intent and purpose for children to actively to touch, move, listen, see, hear, investigate and participate through hands-on experiential projects, and play; allowing your child to observe and wonder, explore and engage, and to challenge and question their world. Additionally, it profides an academic platform that delivers new information, skills and concepts, at a pace that suitable to the needs of each individual child. It is within this model that your child will truly grow as a proficient student.


characteristics of the programme

  • Play with a purpose: We see play as a vital part of your child's learning experience. By providing materials, space, time and freedom, we encourage young students to manipulate, investigate, practice and interact. Planned and spontaneous activities extend and challenge their thinking and problem solving skills, enhance their sensory and language development, and improve their communication skills. Active play also develops their gross and fine motor skills by providing them with physical opportunities to explore their surroundings, thus promoting self-confidence. We also promote running, digging, climbing, and sometimes just getting a little dirty – a must at Cunae!

  • Emergent curriculum: We provide an engaging education for your child. By observing the talk of the children, and the cultural and eco environments that surround them, emergent curriculum develops topics and projects for study that are built upon the interests of the children.

  • Nurturing development: We believe that positive self-esteem fosters a happy, confident child. By offering children opportunities to be successful, our approach nurtures their positive self-image and enhances their self-confidence. We also promote healthy social development by encouraging children to share, cooperate, and enjoy the friendship of their peers.


Dual language approach

In pursuit of educational excellence, we deliver the programme through a tri-language immersion model (Spanish, French and English). At a time when the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, learning in other languages is a step towards joining a global community. However, it is the developmental benefits that are most appealing in offering this programme, including:

  • Increased mental flexibility

  • Increased analytical orientation to language

  • Improved performance in math and logic skills

  • Superior speaking and listening skills

  • Development of a strong sense of identity and self-esteem

  • Heightened sensitivity towards others

 Check out this video that explains the benefits of bilingual education.

All of this is delivered within the International Baccalaureate PYP structure. Check out this video.

For more detail about the International Baccalaureate portion of the programme please visit our next page 'PYP'.

For detailed curriculum please click here. Please note that this document is currently under review for upgrading.