Cunae is a school of choice for parents who.....

  • Want their children to think outside the box, rather than be restricted inside one!
  • Want to raise children who are lifelong learners and not burned out on education after high school. Ideal students are interested, engaged, and eager to find out more about their world, and they are given that opportunity through a hands-on, interdisciplinary, child-led curriculum. Cunae students are thinkers, dreamers and doers, and they're encouraged to be such by teachers who are passionate about creating a positive, fun learning environment.
  • Desire children trained in the skills of critical, analytical and  creative thinking.
  • Want small class sizes with teachers who know and encourage each child in academic endeavors.
  • Want students who can apply the knowledge they learn to new situations rather than rote memorization without understanding what they are learning.
  • Enjoy the idea that their child is not intimidated by teachers and tests because they understand that they are on an educational journey that is more important than one test, project or paper and that their teachers are there to positively guide and encourage them on this journey and who praise their successes and growths even as they hold students accountable and teach them self assessment rather than focusing on failures or setbacks and creating an environment of academic trepidation.
  • Are interested in raising children who are citizens of the world with awareness, empathy, and understanding of cultures different from their own.
  •  Reach educational peace of mind for their children.
  • Enjoy seeing their children are happy to go to school every morning

  • Recognise the lifelong benefits of IB schooling for their children.

  • Want to see their child grow into a true  "thinker ". An individual with passion and enthusiasm for learning about the Global world around them.

  • Value teacher's genuine interest and affection for their students. Those student/teacher connections at Cunae are frequent, authentic and momentous.

(Information provided by existing Cunae parents)

Characteristics of a child who thrives at Cunae include:

  • Inquisitive.
  • Self-reflective and adaptable.
  • Enjoys sharing ideas and opinions; is collaborative, communicative and willing to listen to others.
  • Open minded, empathetic and understanding.
  • Non-linear thinker - ability to see the grey area.
  • Unafraid to 'have a go'.
  • Open to analysing and problem solving.


parent preference Quiz

Finally, if you are still not sure, check out this quiz preference quiz . Whilst it is not 100% foolproof, it may be another tool you can use to shed light on whether we are likely to be the right school for your child.

Six different parenting educational preference archetypes have been identified by the Thomas Fordham Institute:

  • Pragmatist: Parents place value on schools that, “offer vocational classes or job-related programs.”
  • Jeffersonian: Parents place value on school that “emphasizes instruction in citizenship, democracy, and leadership,”
  • Test-Score Hawks: Parents place value on schools that “has high test scores,” and push their child who is often deemed to be academically exceptional, to excel.
  • Multiculturalists: Parents place value on schools that “learns how to work with people from diverse backgrounds.”
  • Expressionists: Parents place value on schools that “emphasizes arts and music instruction.” (Note that Cunae places importance on ALL subjects equally)
  • Strivers: Parents place value on schools that help ensure that their child will be “accepted at a top-tier college.”

If your style was shown to be a Jeffersonian, Multiculturalist or an Expressionist, then we are likely to pique your interest. However, that is not to say if you identified as a Pragmatist or Striver that we would not be a fit, but you may want to ask more questions. If you are a Test-Score Hawk, we are unlikely a fit.

Obviously there is more to picking a school than taking a quiz, and there is more to our school than fitting into one of these narrow boxes too, but it is an interesting consideration.