summer camps

For Cunae camps registration forms can be downloaded here

Please scan and email to, or mail to 5655 Creekside Forest Drive, The Woodlands TX 77389


Cunae Camps

Young Naturalists: Ages 4-5 (9am to 12pm) $160 per session

Session 1: July 10 - July 14              Session 2: July 17 - July 21

Our registered wildlife preserve campus is home to many four, six and eight legged creatures. This camp will focus on getting to know insects, arachnids and reptiles, all part of summer life in The Woodlands.  Children love playing with doodlebugs, lady bugs and crickets. Lizards and toads fascinate them. There are more kinds of ants than just fire ant in Texas. Activities will include hands-on, crafts, games, songs, stories, play and scientific observation.  The camp is designed to nurture and deepen children’s natural curiosity about small creatures and to develop their scientific observation and   thinking skills. There will be a closing celebration for this camp experience.


Young Nature Artists: Ages 4-5 (12pm to 3pm) $160 per session

Session 1: July 10 - July 154             Session 2: July 17 - July 21

Children will be guided to create nature inspired art using a variety of natural materials such as leaves, mud and food coloring; and a variety of techniques such as collage, printing and modeling and a variety of tools such as twigs, feathers and ice. The curriculum is a themed exploration of the natural world leading to an artistic response expressing our wonder at the diversity of life. Camp experiences will include stories, music, drama, play, and of course, art. This camp is designed to foster the total expressive potential of each child in an emotionally safe and environmentally friendly setting. There is an art exhibition and celebration at the close of the camp.

** Note: If enrolling in both camps (am/pm) cost is $255


Eco Trakkers! Ages 6-9 (9am to 3pm) $255 per session

Session 1: July 10 - July 14              Session 2: July 17 - July 21

Keep your child engaged this summer as they dive into learning about nature and explore the mysteries of our environment.  Learn about the importance of recycling, participate in art projects, and take nature walks to see the environment at work first hand. Your child will participate in activities involving bubbles, bugs, and books galore. Children will create their own experiments and gain independence as they get a broader understanding of how our environment functions. Join us for a week that will leave your child enlightened and excited to get outside!


Survivor Nature Camp. Ages 10-13 (9am to 3pm) $255 per session

Session 1: July 10 - July 14             Session 2: July 17 - July 21

Two camps in one! This summer Cunae Campers will learn to survive in the Great Outdoors!  Campers will learn how to determine great camping spots, how to pack for a hike, basic safety and first aid, and what to do when things don't go as planned!!!  They will participate in team building challenges including building shelters, filtering water, building solar ovens, identifying plants, and setting up camp. Additionally, over the course of the week the students will learn the basics of field research. They will become familiar with the proper use of field guides, binoculars, compasses, collection bags, and water test kits.   Additional activities may include a fishing trip that will review basic catch and release   practices, a Geocaching Adventure, learning animal track casting, and creating several nature art projects. All campers should wear clothing suitable for the Houston Summer, and they should be willing and excited about getting dirty, and having fun!


Beginning Dramatic Performance: Ages 10-14 (9am to 12pm) $160 per session

Session 1: July 10 - July 14             Session 2: July 17 - July 21

Get ready to get creative as students bring the drama to Cunae! This camp will explore basic acting technique, presentational style, ensemble work and improv as students learn dramatic story telling. Activities will include preparatory warm-up exercises for the voice, mind, and body, group games, improv scenarios and stories.  By the conclusion of the camp students will have collaboratively developed an original work that puts their own unique twist on a classic tale.